Africa 2012

Towards a Food Secure Future

UNDP released the new Africa Human Development Report 2012 yesterday. This year, it focuses on food security as a precondition for sustained human development in sub-Saharan Africa. Being based in Africa at the moment, and with my experience of and continued commitment to the mandate of the WFP, this is a golden opportunity for me to learn more about how to combat hunger and how Africa is doing in the matter – with the help of well written and comprehensive texts and fresh-out-the-box stats in pretty graphics.

I attended the global launch of UNDP’s 2011 Human Development Report in Copenhagen – and I’m a complete sucker for this kind of publications. They are the result of incredible amounts of work and research, and even though the numbers don’t always give you the complete picture of what the issues actually are, as the common problem with statistics is  – they are excellent at providing an overview of and understanding for what the world looks like.

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