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I love you so much, guey.

So, you’re having one of those days with a weird heavy sensation dragging you down from the moment you wake up. And then there’s little details enhancing random feelings of worthlessness, confusion and sadness. You want to give love, smiles and support but you need a hug yourself and miss your positive, strong and happy self. Not all days can be good days, you tell yourself.

And then your friend from many time-zones away writes a message, and you call her using this life-saving invention called Viber. She is working on a big project that has kept her awake all night, but she lets you talk. You complain, you tell her about the things that break your heart and the little details that drag you down. She listens, smiles while talking, boosts some of that confidence back into place, passes on some of her strength, gives you some real advice, some of her unforced wisdom.

You go home. You put loud music on. You try dancing it off but it doesn’t really work, there’s still sadness around.

Then she sends you this:

It doesn’t say much, but in the meantime – it says everything. And you know that you would do anything in the world to make sure this girl stays happy. Because you love her and that wise, strong and considerate chilango heart of hers.

(Yes, she gave me permission to upload the video. haha)


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