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Sunday in Blyde River Canyon

Once again, I will mention how amazing it is to live in Maputo, with the most beautiful places just a short drive away. Yesterday, Manuel got the brilliant idea to cross the border and take a daytrip to Blyde River Canyon in South Africa which is the world’s third biggest canyon. We got there just as the sun was setting and the gates had closed, but we asked nicely – and got in to see amazing light over a breathtaking view on our own. I love the flexibility of this place.

I drove us back home and everything was pitch black, but the roads in South Africa are a dream to drive on and going through all the curves in the mountains with the girls sleeping in the backseat was simply enchanting. It was me and my iPod against the world – singing to Vetusta Morla and swaying to electronic music. The drive would easily have made it to be my favourite part of the day had it not been for the overwhelming view of the canyon. Go there if you live anywhere close by. Or come visit me and we’ll go together.

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