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Play, dance & some crazy stuff.

After the elections in Inhambane, I stayed among the palm trees and chose to make my way to the amazing beaches in Tofo. As most other travellers, I stayed at Fatimas nest which is situated beautifully right on the beach. The first day I met some people in the hostel bar but was completely exhausted after the elections and decided to just spend the evening at the beach, watch the sunset, and crash early.

After a long sleep, I woke up to the sound of the sea and decided to take a morning walk on the beach. As I was walking towards Tofinho beach, picking up pretty shells, I met the two young brothers Fernando and Nelson. They started following me, searching for seashells as well and giving me the nice one’s they were finding. We started playing, kicking sand, jumping around, running, throwing rocks into the water, eating cashew nuts.. At one point, I sat down to get my back away from the sun for a while. The brothers joined me and sat around playing with the seashells we had picked together. They were singing a little song in their local language and I was smiling inside. Their Portuguese wasn’t very good, they told me their ages and names and that they were currently on holidays from school. We didn’t need to talk much anyway, we were just playing and it was great. That’s what I love about kids, hanging out with them is often much more fruitful than interacting with adults. There are no weird social rules or limitations to keep in mind – one can just play, sing and jump as one pleases – or just hang out. I spent four hours with Fernando and Nelson and they followed me back to my hostel before running back to their home, shouting “see you tomorrow, Carolina!”.

My time in Tofo consisted of the hours I spent at the beach, plus the time I spent dancing, because during the rest of my time in paradise – I danced. First, I went with new friends to their home where we did a barbecue. Afterwards, we went to a club and started dancing.. and did so without stopping until the sun got up. Or maybe even longer. It was raw, real and fun. I get so happy when I get to dance that I never want to stop. Tofo gave me that and it came with amazing beaches and a very friendly people. So once again, I have found a place that I would like to return to some day. But as the cheesy Tofo-truck said – “Time will tell.”

Oh and as there are no photos from the different clubs we went to, I have some “crazy stuff” from Angola for you instead. And the Mozambican pride Lizha James of course. I really enjoy the music around here, it’s so much fun to dance to.

Adi Cudz feat. Yola Araujo – Coisa Doida (Crazy stuff)

Lizha James – Tote (Remix)

Haha, this was an all-in-one post. But hey, it’s friday!


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