Africa 2012 Photography Work

Inspiring & Fun

Spent four days with the diplomats who came to Mozambique as a part of their training programme. We went to Namaacha district where we visited the hospital, a primary school and a very bizarre crocodile farm. We had a couple of very interesting meetings and dinners, got to see a little part of Henning Mankell’s new play and ended with a walking tour in the Mafalala area. All in all, we had some well spent and highly intense days and the group proved that fun and ambitious go very well together. For me, it was as inspiring as spending four days with a group of very experienced and interesting individuals can get – I’m exhausted, happy and very much encouraged to try to become as awesome. Thank you, all!

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  1. I love that last photo! Please email me anytime you want to talk. Whatsapp is always there. I’ve been busy but I’m not out of reach :) Love ya!

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