Africa 2012

Get away.

Sorry for dissapearing yesterday without letting you know, Mami. But I was doing this:

Also, I drove on the way home from Bilene which undoubtedly was the most dangerous thing I have exposed myself to here in Mozambique. I felt that I needed to drive a longer distance in company that I trust, to obtain an understanding for the Mozambican driving culture, and be able to survive the roads once I would have to drive on my own. It was complicated, completely dark and a quite insane – but important. The roads are not only filled with holes and almost invisible people walking all over them, they are also filled with over-optimistic and drunk drivers, random animals and almost completely absent support from road signs. You need to stay very focused at all times while trying to understand where the road actually is, avoid being blinded by people who drive with their high beams turned on, and try to spot those with no lights on at all.

“Stay on the road!”
“This is the sidewalk!”
“Here? But it makes no sense!”
“Of course it doesn’t, you’re driving in Africa!”

We survived, and I learnt something very difficult. And in Bilene I had the best sea food I’ve ever had, hands down. A really great day.

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