Africa 2012 Photography

Joburg evenings

And right, I have to show you that amazing steak we just had. Evenings in Joburg have been simple and nice, South African wine, talks, Al Jazeera and giving the puppy some attention. Now I really need to pack all my stuff back together into that dear backpack of mine. It weighs 25kg, and my little backpack weighs another 9kg so I’m actually carrying about 35kg apart from my body weight. That’s a lot – but I deserve it. I will be living on the 6th floor without an elevator and have to carry this weight up there all by myself even if it kills me. Anyway – I’m so tired right now that I really need to go to sleep soon. I have quite a lot of hours in a bus in front of me tomorrow. I’ve been really lucky with this internet connection so you’ve gotten most of my time here, but it will probably not be the norm so don’t get upset when there are no pictures coming, ok? (Mami – this comment is especially for you.. haha)

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