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World Citizen no. 7 billion

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark opened the “Welcome World Citizen no. 7 billion” photo exhibition in the town hall of Copenhagen on the 9th of November. Copenhagen’s Mayor of Culture and Recreation, Pia Allerslev, and Denmarks Minister of Development, Christian Friis Bach, spoke about Denmark, sustainability and the growing world population. UNFPA’s director, the incredibly friendly Safiye Cagar, presented the latest State of World Population report, entitled “People and Possibilities in a World of 7 Billion“. I realized that the Danish Minister of Development is as charming, funny and well-spoken as the Crown Princess of Denmark is beautiful. And I have to admit I like him just a little bit more as we share the same last name.

The exhibition, organized by National Geographic and UNFPA, will be open for visitors until the 19th of November, and if you live in Copenhagen you should really try to stop by – it’s very good. Click here for more details.

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