Barcelona 2011 Photography

The fear that fire gives

I never showed you the pictures I took in Cornellà de Llobregat the night of San Juan the 23rd of June. There is a Catalan tradition called Correfocs, where people dressed as devils and dragons spray fireworks at people and play drums while the spectators, children and adults soaked in water, run away and dance around in the fire. It was an amazing show to watch, and relating that to yesterday’s observations about water and joy, fire has completely different effect on people.

Personally, fire gives me a quite specific feeling, it evokes great respect, admiration and curiosity, while I subconsciously note an instinctive fear that in turn sparks adrenaline and a completely different euphoria than that brought by water. We are addicted to fear, we want to feel the rush of adrenaline, we want to watch scary movies and go skydiving. It’s a different kind of euphoria that we strive for and miss. Considering our ancestors that had to go hunting and protect themselves from dangerous animals and dangerous people, fear is an instinct that we once learned to live with. Today our lives are organised and easy, and food is comfortably found in the nearest supermarket. We are bored. So we hit the streets, have a guy put his medieval dragon-outfit on, and run for our lives.

..Goodnight :)

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