Barcelona 2011 Photography Thoughts


So, I’m back in Barcelona with its hundreds of errands and things I need to do.. Somehow, however, without a proper Monday to-do list this week has felt kind of.. undefined.

Yesterday was the day when my curriculum, cover letters and various applications were in focus. It must be most time consuming task of all times when ambition tells you that perfection is the only option. But I did what I needed to do, while following the Barca – Real Madrid football game by listening to the shouting and singing of the neighbours and taking a look into what people all over the world were twittering. I’m really happy to have rediscovered twitter, it’s a very powerful tool for getting instant updates on whatever you are interested in and if you want to follow me, just ask!!/carolinebach

Today is another undefined day, I have some errands to run and tomorrow I get another visit from Sweden. They stay until monday and then other people come, then I go for a trip again, then there are music festivals and summer and then who knows.. With all these visits, projects and moving around I never really feel like I manage to get into routines here, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad, but knowing me it’s probably the easiest way to save me from the darkness of boredom. haha

The picture above was taken on my street, it’s the Pakistani shopowner’s kids playing Barca football and that’s clearly a penalty kick. Barca scored that day.

Oh, and I might not have a nice to-do list this week but I do have a post it on my desktop with 10 projects and applications I need to start working on and that should be good enough for now. So.. see you around!

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