Barcelona 2011 Work x-random

Press? Sure!

Yesterday we worked until 3am to finish our articles and meet the deadline, it was good fun at the office apart from the fact that I had to be hopping out of bed four hours later. I’m working here at the Catalonia Model United Nations as staff, reporter, photographer, translator and a lot of other random things – and I’m having great amounts of fun. The event lasts until Saturday evening and we are printing a daily newspaper where we report on what has happened during the day and what been discussed in the different commissions. I am responsible of covering the Security Council which I find very interesting – and the ongoing debates are on fire!

The thing I think I like most about the working part is that that there always is some kind of deadline that keeps the adrenaline on top at all times, making the whole day a bit stressful, but above all stimulating and fun. Besides working you get to meet interesting people the whole day, and the team itself is great – we are having a lot of fun with all the cheesy word games that you have to master when writing catchy headlines and twisted endings. Tomorrow morning the heat is on again and I think I might need to get some redbull! Pressure? Oh, C’mun!


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