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Birthday 2011

My 25th birthday easily qualified into the list of nice ones. The day was sunny, I was invited to wonderful dinner that had me food-coma paralysed for an hour and I spent time with people I like. In the evening I threw a party at my place and mixed 27 new Barcelona friends with very different backgrounds in my small livingroom – they proved to get along really well and everybody seemed to have a good time. We continued to a club, danced all night and shared food, talks and laughs at sunrise. I got to bed when the sun already had been up for a couple of hours so summing it up it was a good 25th, even if some friends from Sweden obviously were missed.

Thank you all my new friends!

Like many of my days, this one has its own theme song. It’s an The XX remix of a Florence and the Machine song called You’ve Got the Love and I have been playing it on repeat today. As always – I’m sharing my goodies. Enjoy!

Florence and The Machine – You’ve Got the Love (The XX Remix) (2009)

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