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Albin Gromer – Utan Dig
Hemmagjord EP (2006)

This song wasn’t featured on YouTube so I uploaded it and I am guessing that my friends who collaborate with Albin won’t mind. It’s my favourite from his first EP, Hemmagjord. He was just 16 at the time, and released another EP entitled “Därefter” two years later. Now he’s 20 and has just released two singles from his new album Jag Kände Mig Så Låg. They are being played and appreciated all over, however people don’t know that this Malmö kid already had great skills some years ago. He actually wrote the lyrics, played, sang and recorded Hemmagjord in his own room. I remember how happy I was about it when I found it some time in 2007 while still living in Warsaw. So sweet. The new album is also cute and it’s currently playing in my iPod. I’m enjoying – It’s Malmö, it’s our chilled out dialect, it’s all about love, and it’s incredibly simple and sincere. I like!

Here’s the acoustic version of a new single that was released in November this year, and a sweet video to go with it:

Albin Gromer – Så många gånger nu (Aukustisk version)
Jag Kände Mig Så Låg
(planned release in February 2011)

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