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There’s a serious epidemic that spreads faster among girls my age than any flu I have ever heard of.. it’s a brainwashing addiction of reading fashion blogs and their frenetic “this is what I’m currently doing” updates. I hate to admit that I also tend to have a look at what Kenza has been up to or what Dani’s new fantastic lips look like. But it’s entertainment, they do their job, and we do ours by following their lives when we have nothing better to do.. however you would want to put it, it’s not very stimulating and after half an hour of looking at Lookbook I feel as if I am really becoming stupid.

However, as “blog” to many people out there means just the above mentioned, I need to tell you that there is an alternative way of spending time on the internet. I am using google reader for my blog reading, which is great, and I am reading a whole lot of blogs that I have collected over a period of time and that are worth a whole lot more in terms of mindfood. They are my little gemstones that make fashion-blog-following somehow worthwhile and excusable and I thought I should share them with you before we all become braindead zombies spending too much money on clothes. Here’s the list, happy reading!

Barking up the wrong tree is a science/psychology blog that I found just three days ago.. summarizing scientific reports and a whole lot of sex, relationship and other life-related stuff makes it really, really great – not just for psychology students!

Nonicoclolasos is a much alike blog, however focusing more on politics, economy and philosophy.. this one is in Swedish.

PsyBlog is another psychology blog.. in english! I can’t get enough of psychology science reports.. they rock my world.

Henrik Alexandersson is a Libertarian blogger that writes about politics in Swedish.

Liberalism-Capitalism-Globalisation is Johan Norbergs blog, and yeah, the title is kind of a spoiler..

Then.. well.. here’s some procrastination helpers that entertain in an exceptionally time-consuming way.. enjoy!

Geekologie – it’s geekologie.. you probably have to be a geek to love it as much as I do.

Wall Street Photo Journal – Pictures of the week, pictures of the day.. and it’s not just any pictures.. it’s fantastic high end photography that will blow your mind and I can look at some of these shots forever. Swedish IT magazine.. real gadgets, always gadgets!

And then there’s comics, some of them extremely weird.. but you just have to love them.

XKCD, Space Avalanche, PHD Comics, Jesus & Mo, AmazingSuperPowers

Okay, that should be it for today. Of course, this is just a selection of what I am following, but if you think there’s anything great I’m missing out on, please do tell me.

Goodnight :)

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