I love Dropbox!

Heard about Dropbox? After comparing it to the other free backup and online-storing options I think I made the right choice. Dropbox syncs your files across your different computers and iphone, instantly, and you always have a copy of these files online in case you would need them when you’re away or if your computer would crash. It’s great for travellers who want to store their photos and important files, instead of backing up your stuff on USB sticks and CDs, you can just upload them and keep them online where they’re always safe!

You get 2GB of free space with dropbox.. there is the possibility to get much more space if you’re ready to pay, and also by giving out Dropbox invites to friends you can extend your capacity to up to 8GB of free space! (Using this link, you get 2,25GB of free space from the beginning and give me 250mb extra space.)

The great thing is that the program syncs your files across your computers, so that you always have the latest version of that paper you are working on without having to email it to yourself all the time and change the name of it. You don’t have to be online to use the file, but then, the second you connect to the internet, it updates the version you have on your other computers!

Another great thing is the ability to share, you can invite people to folders that you want to share and share your files, pictures and music with anybody by sending them a link. So, for example, you can have a folder named “schoolfriends” and add stuff to that folder that all of your schoolfriends can access.

This thing is great.. so really, don’t ask, just Get it here!

Using this link gets you & me another extra 250MB of free space :)  Enjoy!


  1. I put my faith in you and in Dropbox and I open a Dropbox account. Now I hope that they don’t let the whole world know about our private files :-)

  2. It’s a shame you can only drop digital files on dropbox because if I could drop my other personal stuff there such as some of the things you would add to that travelling list (toothpaste or whatever) that would be fab for me as well as I am pretty good at losing things.

  3. The ad would sound like this: You are an absent-minded person, you easily forget ur car keys in the trunk of your car & when u go there you find your boyfriend/girlfriend making love to someone else. Now that’s past. Drop you car keys, any other stuff on your local computer folders and if you get mad at them drop your boyfriend/girlfriend, mother or father-in-law too and you will get an instant online copy of them whenever you feel like retrieving them. :-)

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