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3 days in Tel Aviv

Hello world!

Shalosh days in Tel Aviv! Everywhere I turn I hear “shalosh” which means three and is the first number I learnt and managed to remember.. I just think it really sounds like “galosh”..

Tel Aviv is really an amazing city, in many ways. The incredible mix of cultures, languages, food and just about everything.. these three days I’ve been walking around the city with my host Noam and eating a lot! haha..

When we woke up the first day, Thursday, we went to eat in a shopping centre where they had all kinds of food.. I was overwhelmed with how many different things they had in the foodstands.. and we ended up with fantastic Iraqi food.. it was really really good and we both overdosed on it!

After eating we took a walk around the central Tel Aviv, went to the beach, and strolled around in a big market.. I bought a really old key that I put around my neck and a thick sweater for the chilly nights, I heard Jerusalem is even colder by night than Tel Aviv! On our way to Noams apartment in the center I literally bumped into another friend from South America! It was really really random, we hadn’t decided on meeting, I just suddenly saw her on the street and we were both like “what!!?” I mean, what are the odds?? haha

Friday is the Israeli “Saturday” so everything closes early, so friday morning we went to beautiful Jaffa and walked around there, we went to Abu Hassan and had the worlds best Hummus!! I’m really amazed by all the amazing food around here, and I can’t get enough!

After walking around Jaffa, the markets and the harbour we went back home and went to friends of Noams family who were holding a party for their son who is going to the army. It was a really big family gathering and people were singing and the food was just amazing and I had the best of times among really friendly people in a really beautiful villa.

After the dinner we went downstairs and had a ping pong tournament in pairs.. haha.. after winning, (yeaah) we went to a pub and met Noams friends for a while and then back home to Noams parents.

After waking up this morning we went to a hamburgerbar and ate really good hot wings and hamburgers.. for breakfeast (?!), after that we went to the beach and stayed there all day.. It was warmer today, so I could actually use my bikini.. However, I’m still not even pink.. the sun is not strong enough! haha

I’m having a great time in Israel, Noams family is really friendly and Noam is being a really good guide taking me around the city, showing me the flavours and colours of Tel Aviv. “This is the best ice cream in the world” – and it really was great! Now Noam is at work and I’m sitting in my room, I’ve just had tea with his mom.. and an Avocado.. the Avocado here is AMAZING!! I’ve been eating like hundreds of them! haha

Tomorrow I’m going to Jerusalem and hopefully I’ll get to meet my friend Shay! Everybody talks about the “hot air with sand from the desert” that will change the weather tomorrow.. I wonder what that is.. well, we’ll just have to see.

And right.. they have really big bats here.. the harmless fruit-eating type but still.. bats. Noam gave me a mission-impossible.. taking a sharp picture of a bat.. haha I have three more weeks to get a better picture, but here’s my first try to capture a bat in action:

You know that you can find most of my pictures in my flickr, right? In full resolution :)

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