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2 days in Jerusalem – part 1

Or, shtayim days in Jerusalem.. (two is a number I haven’t really managed to memorize yet, but now that I have written it down maybe I will.)

Today we came home from two overwhelming days in the Holy City of Jerusalem. I don’t really know where to begin.. but I just realized that covering both days in one blogpost will be an overkill, so I’ll do one for now.. and maybe the second day later or tomorrow.. there are many pictures to look through..

We came to the Jaffa Gate in the Old City and saw a girl standing with a big sign saying “free tour”.. we figured it could be nice to join and learn some while exploring so we did, and it was great. We walked around the four corners of the city and explored a part of all there is to see. We walked around for hours and even though the sky was white from all the sand.. (the sandy wind from the desert that I mentioned last time is called Khamsin and makes the air white, hot and dry..) After walking around the old city we went to the windy center to find a hostel and get something to eat. I had to change to pants because the wind was too cold.. and as yesterday was the holocaust memorial day everything was closed and all we could find was a dodgy pizza place.. However, the pizza was great, and then Shay came! It was really great to see him again, we talked and then we all headed back to “the cave” which was the name of our dormroom..


  1. Waiting for you to come again, so I can show you Jerusalem in a better day! (weatherwise and cheerfullnesswise)

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