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Birthdays from the Past

I’m back at home now and I’m back on track as well!

Bex came with her Polo and my music and we did it the oldschool way, cruising our way around the empty streets of our sleeping city, singing out loud and having heaps of fun. I love her for that, for being able to have crazy amounts of fun with a car, some Guanabana juice, a friend and really old RnB. :)

Thank you älskling, du är bäst!

So, I came back and started thinking about my past birthdays again, and I felt that I needed to thank all those darlings that have shared my birthdays with me before. It has been appreciated and hey.. it has been GREAT! Here’s my top 5 list :)

2008 was The Birthday of birthdays and I already mentioned it before but it was really good enough to be mentioned twice. Roberto baked me a cake, Sammy took me out for a mini-Empanada dinner, I got presents from people I barely even knew, people danced on the tables, I busted my big toe on a rock, there was a wicked acoustic drum&bass concert and everything was just overwhelming!

So, even if that is difficult to beat, years before that have been great as well.

2007 was in Wawa with VBDonna and old school funk and my Warsaw darlings Krisz, Feli and Juanito in an underground hiphop club and I got to be a Queen! :D

2006 was also one of the coolest birthdays ever with all of My friends gathered in a rented cottage that got invaded by my chinese friends and their millions of chinese buddies. haha


2005 was a girls night at Bananas place and ah, we danced and danced and never stopped dancing! :)

Wonder if this year’s party will complete this top 5 list of birthdays? Wohoo!! :D

However, it will be competing against this one:

1995, McDonalds. It was CRAZY. :P

Good night folks! :)

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