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Olvidando mi Español

I’m afraid I’m forgetting this beautiful language. Languages are as fragile as they are important, if you don’t practice, they simply fade away. Sure, a month in the right company takes you almost right back to where you were, but if you asked me right now to have a conversation with you in Spanish, I would surely experience big difficulties in expressing and finding the right words.

Of the languages I speak, have spoken and ever made efforts to learn, Spanish is without any doubt my favourite one. Not only is it easy to learn, it flows in a magical way and brings back beautiful memories and associations. It’s a language that really makes me happy whenever I hear it, if it’s from people passing by on the street, a song, a movie or whatever.. and when I get to speak it. It’s like euphoria.

So, I decided that I need to go to a Spanish speaking country very soon. To catch up, to get back to my fluency, not to forget. And I should take classes, like, real language classes.. To get it on paper, to know the language officially. I’m thinking South America. I’m thinking Universidad de Buenos Aires, or some place else. I’m thinking Colombia. I’m thinking internship in Mexico. If not, I’m thinking Barcelona. We’ll see if I manage to find something perfect.

First I have an International Relations master to finish.

Until then, movies in Spanish, books in Spanish.. and a lot of Bebe :)

Bebe – Me Fui.
Y. (2009)

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  1. Barcelona is the closest place to you. A super trendy, multi-cultural and much hotter city than Zaragoza. It’s more expensive than anywhere else in Latin America, but the trip will be much cheaper for you.
    There are plenty of Latin American people in Barcelona if you want to hang out with them or learn about their culture.
    You decide.

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