more CG

…and homemade goat cheese and honey and potatoes.. and amazing tomatoes!

We bought the kids a computergame named G-force, with guinea pigs trying to save the world.. it’s cute and heaps better than Grand Theft Auto that they were playing before.. a 3-year old and two 10-year olds playing grand theft auto and counter strike? Caroline and Olli brought G-Force and Harry Potter to save them.. cause truth is.. kids like whatever you give them.. and they love the “cute mouse that shoots robots”. And so do we!

And that is what’s up today.. we’ve been sleeping, eating, playing computergames and.. nothing else.
Couldn’t love this day more.


  1. How cuties these guinea pigs are! I have not seen the movie but they look like a couple: a male (the brown and white one) and the female (the grey and white one with long eyelashes). If kids love guinea pigs shooting robots I guess they would love me wearing a pink bra and underwear shooting robots too (Gosh! That part of my private life shouldn’t have come out here, but only in fb :-)
    Glad that you are getting to love your holidays so much. I understand that you both can bring better videogames than Grand Theft Auto. It was a blast of a game when they released it for the first time in 1999. Now they have done so many versions of it that some are good and some not so good.

  2. Sorry, according to Wikipedia the Grand Theft Auto videogames series were first released for different consoles and PC in 1996.

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