Back in CG

We’re back in CG now.. I’m awfully tired and I just want to sleep a whole day away! 

Makarska was great, we met some friends from Malmo, danced some and got a lot of sun. Its a nice place to hang out in for a while during the summer, but the tourists can be a bit tiring.. it was really packed with tourists from poland, bosnia, italy and czech republic.. the beach was so crowded you couldn’t find a way to walk between the towels to get to the water..

Anyways, we’re back in the countryside now.. we thought about going to Sarajevo tomorrow.. but the thought of waking up early and walking around the whole day in the heat gave us other thoughts and we decided that tomorrow would be a perfect day to do nothing.. and that we will go saturday instead. :)

Here’s Ollis fb picture, it’s an old one from back in Malmo, but hey.. an old picture is better than no picture!

Good night!

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