Crveni Grm

So were here, in Crveni Grm aka CG in Hercegovina right on the border with Croatia.

Its the 12th day of our trip and we have passed through Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia. Now were officially in Bosnia i Hercegovina even though its a minute from the border and the people in this village mostly consider themselves croatian. Yesterday we were supposed to spend some time in Dubrovnik but we were too tired and got on the bus to come here directly instead, to Ollis family.

Things are sweet, I am doing my best to communicate with all of the relatives and remember the names.. haha thank god polish is close to croatian, otherwise I would have been totally lost..

Today were probably going to Medugorije, and then we have the Croatian Islands, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Makarska and other places to visit.. all of it is close by so its perfect.. but first this.. the lovely countryside, puppies, kids, sun and heaps of relaxation.

Pictures are on their way.. I promise!

Until then, another picture from Ohrid:


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