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  1. You seem to be a fast traveller too. My crazy travel records are: London-Bangkok (staying in Bankok, Thailand) 1 day and a half, flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and 1 day stay in Kuala Lumpur, flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapur staying 3 days there, flight from Singapur back to Bangkok staying again a few hours there, flight from Bangkok to Moscow. With my visa I got a taxi at the Moscow airport and visited the Red Square and surroundings in 1 hour and then back to London. That was back in November 2001.
    July 2008: Departing from London. 3 days in Sydney (1 day spent only flying), 4 days with some friends in Melbourne, 3 days in a desert-rock tour in Alice Springs-Ayers rock in the very heart of Australia, 1 day in Brisbane, 2 days in Cairns taking boats to snorkle and scuba dive in the Great Reef barrier, then back to Sydney one day, then flight to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and spent 3 hours there and back to London. So I saw a big part of Australia in 15-16 days.
    Next week going to Morrocco for a few days expecting not to be swap for 5 camels. Never been to Africa before,the crisis is affecting my holiday budget this year and want to buy a flat.
    Keep rocking the world and loving it!

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