Super Soft Heroes – stereotypes crushed with love.

supersoft heroes

Swedish artist and illustrator Linnea “Limpan” has created a colouring book with alternative situations to those we might expect of our classic and well known super heroes. Here’s what she writes about it on her Facebook page:

“Boys learn from their role-models to act tough and aggressive and that showing vulnerability or emotion is equivalent to being weak or ”being a girl” (which is considered an insult in today’s society). They are taught through those role models to ”man up” and that ”boys don’t cry”. Girls on the other hand learn early on that their greatest asset is to be beautiful. When my son of three years old stopped crying because none of his heroes do , I had to take action because I think this is (excuse me) bullshit.

I decided to draw ten soft superheroes and ten strong princesses, just to give the kids some alternatives. This coloring book is free, partly because i want no trouble with Marvel or DC comics but also so that I can reach out to as many kids as possible. As a cartoonist and a big comic book-fan myself I know the superheroes are emotional and complex characters, the problem is that in the kids editions they show only aggression and violence.
If you like my ideas and wish to donate money to my future projects you can send it via paypal to

Here are the ten Super-soft heroes and in a few weeks I will give you ten Super-strong Princesses.
Thank you!”

This is an extraordinary initiative that I think parents should print and let their kids play with and even bring to their preschools as an alternative for all children.

Thank you Linnea for challenging stereotypes and giving parents alternatives to what the children of today are being forced to see – I adore Spiderman in the wheelchair and the grocery shopping Hulk!

Click below to download the PDF – it has been taken down from Linnea’s dropbox probably by people who don’t agree with progressive change and that Batman possibly could make a loving father, I urge you to help Linnea save and spread the pdf as widely as possible – it’s not only free, it’s important!

supersoft heroes2


And let’s not forget to drop something into Linnea’s paypal account so we can help her set up her own website.

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