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Please.. please dance with me!

Beautiful production, perfect direction and touching sound. So much vibe!

Masterly composed ‘Can Do it’ by Atu has been seamlessly tuned with a very emotionally charged video that definitely speaks to me, I have to share this! I love the way Atu sneaks in the sample between the beats and piano string, can you recognize it?* You need to have had an R&B period in your life to hear it, it’s very very subtle. I love it when talented artists feature samples from old songs I’m nostalgic about but no longer listen to, I always feel like I’m reconnecting with my old, rebellious and slightly confused teenage friends who now have grown to become intelligent, deep and mature adults.

One could argue that Atu has pushed the mastering to its limits, but I don’t mind. The slight distortion adds to the dreamy vibe.. it’s really good.

Atu – Can Do It
Pictures on Silence (2013)

Now, this particular tune is a year old and I just found it now – but I also really enjoyed listening to the rest of the album and Atu’s Soundcloud channel while working. The beats are fresh, perfectly mellow, and the mash of samples really throws me back. So much soul! I’m very happy to have a new artist to follow.

“Atupele Ndisale (Atu, for short) born in the Ivory Coast and studying at University of Michigan is the young age of 20 but brings aural sensibilities of a seasoned producer. Utilizing the most minimal bits of vocal samples, so slight that your brain has to work to recognize the likes of Miss Aaliyah Haughton and E. Badu alongside dreamy interpolations of Boyz II Men and Alicia Keys.
Beside all the beauty of this project, when was the last time you saw an artist drop their first album and donate all the proceeds? Being that Atu is originally from Malawi, he, alongside label Soulection have planned for all proceeds of “Pictures on Silence” to go toward the EveryChild organization in effort to provide some financial assistance to rural areas of Malawi.”

Oohh.. that very, very discrete “loving yoou..” sample* in this one drives me mad as I just want to sing along and go “has taken time.. but I always knew you would be miine.. We can take a step to see, if this is really gonna bee.. all you gotta do is say yes!” Can you hear it, can you, oh can you? Ahh.. Love!

Time for Lunch!

*112 – Anywhere.
*Floetry – Say Yes

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