Belize 2014 Videos

My home in Belize City – Can you hear the Caribbean breeze?

So, according to tradition, I made a video-tour of my apartment – this time in Belize City.

As I showed you before, it was already furnished when I moved in. I did remove the ugly TV and move the furniture around a little, but I still need to get curtains and a living room table.. and some nice art for my walls!

Anyhow – I really like my new place, and the fact that it’s all mine, that I can host a lot of people without issues (the couch is also a bed!) and that I can dance around and make juices and just enjoy – and the breeze.. ah, the breeze! (I have hurricane windows installed for that breeze by the way, I might not be as happy about it in the coming weeks when the real winds and rains come. haha)

Oh, and I missed the balcony – it’s behind the door by the kitchen and a good spot for sunset-watching, clothes-drying and wine-drinking. I just need a hammock and some furniture there.

So – what do you think?

Here’s a nostalgia tour of my previous homes:

Copenhagen – The hobbit houseMaputo – And the never-ending staircaseManagua – The house with a gym

Why do I do this? Because I forget. Because I change surroundings so often that I don’t remember the details of them.. and because I wish I had a video of my apartment (and roomies!) in Warsaw, or the apartment we lived in in Malmö when I was little.. and because I guess I will be living in quite a few places in my life, so I might as well make a collection. I hope this is fun for you as well, it’s like you’re visiting me in my space. Welcome.

Which reminds me that I somewhere in Sweden have a photo album of the cars I have owned.. the white Suzuki definitely needs to go in there! (I’m a memory hoarder. haha)


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