Belize 2014 Travels

Quick hey from ATL!


Some of you have been worried about the whole deal of me spending the night in the airport after an entire day of flying – well, I decided I won’t. Travelling for pleasure/adventure is different than travelling for work and I can’t push it the same way and arrive exhausted. Also, turns out I had collected enough nights at to redeem a free night here, which was perfect. So this doesn’t even cost me anything. Yay!

Atlanta airport was almost as annoying as Miami, it took more than 2 hours to get through the thing. And apparently my bags will be checked all the way through to Belize.. or so they insist, so let’s hope everything I packed will actually be joining me all the way. Right now I’m just relieved I didn’t have to carry any of that weight again, and that I packed enough stuff in my carry-on to survive a couple of days in case I have to wait for the luggage – and the speaker and T-Red are obviously here with me. :)

Anyway, time for a long shower and some sleep – the game is on early tomorrow morning again. Another set of long lines, another couple of passport stamps, and a flight to my new city.

Yes – I’ve asked the hotel to wake me up in the morning.



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