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India 2013 – Part 8: Mumbai – The Dharavi slum, street food and the Dhobi ghat.

Mumbai was so many things at once that it was almost overwhelming trying to get more impressions in after more than two weeks of intense travelling around India. We did the must-sees of the city; The Gateway of India, the big British heritage buildings and the markets. We also saw the world’s biggest outdoor laundromat – the Dhobi Ghat – where the bed linen, towels and clothes from Mumbai’s hotels and hospitals are washed, and had some really good street food. For me personally, the highlight was our trip to the Dharavi slum, also known from the movie “Slumdog Millionnaire” where we got to walk around, talk to people, see the clay pot production process, and get an insight into what life looks like when you live so close to your neighbours – and how what looks like simple metal boxes can be beautifully furnished and decorated apartments with high-tech TV sets on the inside – a contrast I unfortunately didn’t get the opportunity to capture in a photo. I will share a couple of more photos from the slum later, and until then you have this selection of children playing, food and contrasts from this extremely segregated city.

Leaving Mumbai, we said good bye to magnificent India. See you again, some time.

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