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India 2013 – Part 6: Magic little Pushkar.

We took a taxi to the beautiful little town Pushkar, one of the most holy places in India, after the train from Jaipur had dropped us off at the Ajmer station. We decided to check in at a TripAdvisor #1 and true gem worthy its name; the Seventh Heaven Inn. Without any doubt the most beautiful and pleasant place we stayed in during our entire trip. In Pushkar, I reconnected with India again after a couple of busy days of exploring, and enjoyed the simplicity in just walking around, talking to people and photographing. We didn’t have much of a plan in Pushkar – as there simply isn’t much to do apart from walking around and trying to take in the tranquil ambience, which for me was absolutely perfect. It was so nice and flowing we decided to stay longer, our room was bright and airy, and the internet connection was great, allowing me to continue my job application spree and small consultancies. I thought a lot of the last time I stayed in Pushkar, where I also got to know the two Italians that I traveled with for more than two weeks. It was all lovely and both my mother and I were happy with what Pushkar had to offer. What also happened was that we got so comfortable that when the time came to decide for our next step, we decided to move on by cab to the very blue city of Jodhpur. Trains and buses simply weren’t convenient nor time efficient enough, and comfort and time had become a priority as we were reaching the end of our trip. More on Jodhpur in the next India post, and then there’s only Mumbai left.

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