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Marseille, Sun and Vertical Fun

So, as you already know, I went to Marseille last week to spend another seven days with Luc. We were combining work with pleasure, trying to get things done while spending enough time in the sun. The wonderful thing about Marseille is that it lies in a beautiful area surrounded by national parks, white rocks and the sea – while being an artsy restaurant, bar and music packed city where strangers happily talk to each other by night. So we had drinks with friends, played wii, watched movies, had dinners and went out dancing after sunset. And by day, when not working, we took little walks and day-trips to the sea. On my last day in Marseille we had a picnic by the beach, and it felt like a perfect summer day.. and then Luc introduced me to his world of rock climbing.

I’ve never climbed before, and I’m a bit afraid of heights – but it was seriously so much fun I can’t wait to go again.


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