Celebrating Life Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago 2014 Photography Travels

Taganga – another wonderful Hippie Hideout

So here we go again, continuing the photo-series from the one month Colombia, Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago trip.

We took a minibus from Cartagena that took us all the way to Taganga, and found ourselves in a genuine hippie hideout. I love those places.. self proclaimed hippies can sometimes be a pain to have deep conversations with as they often turn to lizards, crystals and evil mind reading iPhones – but they are utterly friendly, calm and creative. So we stayed a couple of days, danced on the beach, ate fried fish and made sure I got a tan. We made friends with a couple of people in the little town, amongst them a street artist who calls himself “Papa Frita” and balances things on top of his head. Things don’t have to be much more complicated than that, right?

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