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Good Guys Christmas

What do Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus and a random dude have in common?

This new christmas campaign from UNICEF Sweden is absolutely brilliant! I’m loving the shift from old school guilt-trip ads with images of crying children in dirty clothes, to this far more creative and humorous way of convincing people to contribute to humanitarian development. The concept is simple, funny and straightforward, and manages to appeal to an international audience while still having a touch of Swedishness in it. Some might argue that it trivializes serious matters, while I immediately questioned whether simply “clicking” an ad was enough for donating. There is a referral to the website in the end of the video, and UNICEF Sweden has a great online giftshop when one can buy “gifts that matter” for children in need. So no, it’s not simply about clicking an ad, but it doesn’t really matter – because it’s funny and it’s well done. We’re generally pretty good at giving in Sweden, and people really appreciate a good and innovative advertisement campaign. Let’s hope this one works wonders!

Watch the rest of the three episodes of the Good Guys Christmas below. Don’t miss the little details such as Jesus turning the water to wine, Gandhis green yoga mat.. and the adventure of trying out the internet for the first time.

The spot was Produced by Forsman & Bodenfors for UNICEF Sweden.

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