1. Hi Caroline, I follow your blog and I work with communities in favelas in Brazil. Sometimes I wish I had my camera with me, but I am afraid of walking around with it as Brazil is quite know for the often robberies, and in low-income areas these big cameras do draw a lot of attention. I see you take your camera everywhere, so how do you do that? You just don’t care or you evaluate where you are going before taking your camera with you?
    Thanks! Cheers

    1. Hi Isa!

      Thanks for commenting and following, I hope you are enjoying. :) (How did you find me?)

      Regarding my camera, I have it insured through the same insurance company that covers all my belongings no matter whether I’m at home or travelling. This means I generally bring it everywhere, as I would get a refund if it gets stolen and as I think the photos have a higher value than the potential risk, besides, the best shotd usually come unplanned.

      Having said that, I obviously wouldn’t take it out in a very dangerous place where I believe I could be physically hurt by somebody who wants to steal if from me. Another tip is carrying a bag that is a very normal and discrete bag that also fits your camera – that way you can take it out just when you see the right moment and know that you aren’t being watched by the wrong people. If you work with communities in the favelas (how exciting, by the way!) I’m sure you know people who are local and could accompany you when you take photos, making it safe. I bet you could get some wonderful shots there.

      Take care, stay safe and boa sorte!

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