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Terrorists and Lucky

As if it’s some kind of absurd rule – I dreamt about Lucky again. First night in Malmö and there she was, together with me amongst terrorists with very low intelligence occupying some kind of school building that we were hiding in and trying to escape from. Now, I have surrealist and strange dreams quite often and they are usually very entertaining once I realize that I am dreaming – what hurts is having my dog there, as she usually has a very vulnerable position and I feel that I have to protect her. I also kind of know and realize, at some point in the dream, that she is already dead – and that I need to save her because I want to spend as much time with her as possible. This is very strange, I know, and unlike other dreams that I usually realize aren’t real – these actually manage to drag me in and make me sad. The psychologist in me is going bananas with theories, but I guess I better go to sleep now and see if I get to meet her again.

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