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How does it feel?

Bob Dylan just released a very interesting interactive piece to be the first official video for his 50-year-old classic “Like a Rolling Stone”. I’m not going to tell you what happens, so that you can enjoy it best yourselves – one thing you might want to know is that you can see original Bob Dylan footage on one of the 16 channels. If this is the future of music videos, I can’t wait to see what other artists will come up with. (No need to tell me about that Kanye video)

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone (1965)
Video – November 2013

The release of the video coincides with the release of Dylan’s 47-CD box set entitled The Complete Album Collection Volume 1 from Columbia/Legacy Recordings. The makers behind this piece of interactive awesomeness is the digital agency Interlude, and the CEO Yoni Bloch said that more channels eventually will be added to the video, adding that “you’ll always miss something because you can’t watch everything at the same time.”

Ouch. So good!

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