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Warszawa – the first 24 hours

So we arrived in Warsaw by 9pm on Thursday night last week, and took the 5 minute walk from the Central Station to the hotel, where our friends Piotr and Kris were waiting for us. We checked in, opened the bottle of wine that welcomed us in the room, went for a swim in the hotel pool and went out dancing. The night ended in Lemon, the 24hour bar where all Warsaw nights tend to end and I was reminiscing the nights in 2006 when I used to go there with Bumbi, Sofie and other friends. The next morning we went out to meet Piotr and his colleagues for lunch (breakfast!) and wine, and then walked around Warszawa all day – looking at beautiful things, trying on wigs, drinking champagne, enjoying the wonderful weather, and riding the tramway. Just like any normal day in Warsaw. No, seriously – it was one of those memorable perfect days, where things are just smooth and easy. Warsaw is good at delivering that. Dziekuje!


  1. Looks very relaxing and easy-going. After reading it I’ve realized that I haven’t been like this for quite a while and how badly I miss such moments.. Very expressive pictures, brava :)

  2. Grazie dear! One needs to take a break sometimes, days like these are not frequent but oh so lovely. Next time you have a moment off – find that one special friend that will agree on drinking wine with you for breakfast, and then just let yourselves be and time pass :)

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