The sad story of blablabla


“Yeah, so I worked with my famous friend Amartya Sen, you know him right? Okay – so he had all these cool ideas which I got inspiration from.. so I wrote my own book with these theories reformulated and put into a different context. (India – because I have been there.) I assume he agrees with most of my ideas, as they are kind of almost the same. But then I did something special: A LIST! Yeah, he never though of that really.. but I did. So this book and the list are mine, along with some great definitions that I chose to reformulate. Much of this was obviously inspired by things Sen writes, but I think he misses out on some details and messes things up sometimes. Basically, I don’t always understand what he means so I came up with some unique names and distinctions. Anyway, to make things clear: I wrote this book, but my buddy Sen probably endorses all of it, although he hasn’t really yet said so.”

Uhm, right.. so now let’s try implementing these thoughts on this exciting thing called reality!

Caroline. Don’t get upset. Academia brought us many good things. It might even give us peace and teleports one day. Focus.

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