Celebrating Life Music Nicaragua 2013 Photography Videos

Momotombo @ Bar Uruk Kalli

“You really needed this, right?”

The huge smile on my face when dancing to along to the electronic madness of the Nicaraguan band Momotombo yesterday must have been very revealing, a live concert was exactly what my whole body had been longing for!

Momotombo plays an energetic electronic fusion of something that sounds like post-rock, jazz, funk and sampled beats from random songs. The atmosphere was really, really good and people were completely letting go and dancing their heads off. The concert was set up in the bar that has become my favourite here in the city, Uruk Kalli, a place that features artistic vibes, interesting details, and a very pleasant evening breeze.

Also, obvious highlight of the night, I got to play with my new camera.

Oh, and apparently I forgot to set the video settings, so you’re getting this in low-res. Sorry about that! :)

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