Celebrating Life Nicaragua 2013 Videos

Exitoso Carnaval de Nicaragua 2013

So I just got an email from Erick Ruiz José from the Canal 8 TV channel here in Nicaragua, they were one of the TV teams who surprised me while I was taking photos of the carnival by putting a big camera in my face and asking “What do you think of Nicaragua?!” There were so many things I could have said about the context, about the athmosphere, about the country or even about the objectification of bodies – but I just couldn’t find a way to put it into the surprise moment and I didn’t have the heart to start criticizing anything in the midst of the great vibe of the event – so I just went with the least creative but most easy answer: The people are very good, very beautiful, I LIKE IT!

Maybe not the best performance right there, but hey – Look mom, I’m on TV in Nicaragua! haha

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