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Suddenly I’m hit.

Two years after releasing his fantastic self titled debut LP, James Blake has finally announced April 8th as the release date for his upcoming album, Overgrown. The first single, Retrogade, unveiled just a couple of days ago, has today been officially released – along with a stunning video that I haven’t managed to get my mind around yet. You guys try figuring it out and let me know what’s going on..

I can’t wait to listen to the entire album and I’m very much looking forward to an opportunity to hear this genius self-sampling, multitasking, instrument-mixing voice magician live once again. I barely knew him back when I saw him live in 2011, I had just spent an entire afternoon indulging in the sounds of the James Blake LP hanging by myself in a hammock at a friends house on the same day that we were going to the concert.

Then we went to church, and one could say that I was “enlightened”.

James Blake live at the Annedal Church, Gothenburg, Sweden. 2011.
More photos from that day.

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