Celebrating Life Photography Poland

Poland, Christmas & Forever young into 2012

Here’s a photo-bomb of my stay in Poland.

The 11 days started off with christmas in Wroclaw with grandparents and family. After a few days I took a train to hang out in Torun with my dad and another packed trainride later I arrived in Warszawa, where I danced with very dear friends and celebrated a sparkling New Year’s Eve.

In Wawa, on the 30th of December, after a very Polish dinner prepared by my friend and very intense dancing in a club – we all decided to check in at the Intercontinental Hotel instead of going back to my friends’ place. We got a great deal and we could eat, have breakfast and spend hours at the pool.. also, we were just a hop away from the “Forever young into 2012” New Year’s Eve party which was held at the top floor of the Marriott Hotel that we could see from our window. So very much worth it, a relaxing vacation in your own city is a lovely and random way of spending the last and the first days of the year.

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