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Bring on the weekend

I know it’s just tuesday, but Class Actress is releasing her new album today, and you want to know about that, right? She’s from Carpark Records, the same label that brings us the enchanting tunes of Toro y Moi, Beach House and Memory Tapes. The video for Weekend is a mix of collarbones, beautiful lingerie, peep-show styled soft porn and retro party. Happy beats & synths. Just what you need when dreaming about the weekend.

Class Actress – Weekend
Rapprocher (2011)

Performing under the moniker Class Actress, Elizabeth Harper’s latest album, Rapprocher, sounds a bit like what would happen if Dave Gahan, Oscar Wilde, and Madonna curled up together in the corner of a dark bar for some heartbreak-fueled debauchery. The follow-up to her 2010 EP, The Journal of Ardency, Rapprocher is an 11-song odyssey about the tumultuousness of the heart. It’s a lovelorn tale that’s dark and weary, with just enough synth to make it danceable. Lyrical sadness is skillfully applied to the disco beats and feel-good melodies scattered throughout the album.


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