Photography Thoughts

No me odies, linda.

Photo taken at Lomma beach

Yesterday I spent the day thinking about energy and other fluffy things such as yin & yang in relation to relationships between people. I believe in the existence of positive versus negative energy that is present everywhere and that determines the mood of people and the ways in which they affect occurring situations. (That’s probably the fluffiest you’ll ever get from me.)

Sometimes you meet a person that fills you with positive energy and makes you very energetic and happy, other people make you sad and tired. Sometimes a simple phonecall from a friend can spark the feeling of either being sucked out of energy, or filled with it. This is commonly understood and nothing to discuss really, different people affect each other differently..

What I was thinking about yesterday was the balance. Yin & Yang, black and white, man and woman, rain and sun. We often hear that balance is the preferred option, we need to balance each other out. If you’re very calm, you need a person who will hype you up, and if you’re very dominant, you need somebody who will let you have that role without protesting. That’s the utopia. Finding balance. Harmony.

However.. after contemplating this for a while I went, “but what if two very driven, energetic and happy people get together, what happens then?” And what I think is that when you posess some specific traits, it’s not really about leveling them out, because why should we supress the essence of ourselves to compromise? It’s rather about enforcing what’s best about you. I believe that if two people that are loaded with very positive energy get together, what happens are not only amazing fireworks, but an instant and constant process of development and growth. Hype and happiness.

It’s just a thought, but I think I believe in it.

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