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Yesterday was a nice evening. Beach, pizza, sunset & Avinka.

Today I bumped into a worried girl from Costa Rica in the airport, we found out she had missed her flight so she was sad and confused and didn’t know what to do. After quitting work I helped her to get her act together. We got information about what had happened, called her friends and got her luggage back, she already had a place to stay so I just left her my card, gave her a hug and told her to call me in case she would need me. An hour ago she called. I booked her a new ticket for tomorrow and she will call me from the airport to let me know if she’s okay or if she needs me to come there.

I’ve met truly amazing people on my travels who have let me crash at their places without knowing me, helped me out in various ways and just been utterly nice without asking for anything in return. I have collected a big karma-account that I want to balance out with the world and I really enjoy passing it on to strangers. People need help a lot more than we usually care about noticing, and most of them are afraid to ask. Sometimes it’s showing them the way somewhere or let them use your phone, sometimes they just need a smile from a stranger or one of those cookies you’re eating.

No matter what it was all about, these nice little encounters usually end with a “how can I thank you?”-moment and that’s when I usually go all hollywood-cheesy saying “if you see somebody who needs help, help them!”. haha

I don’t know if it actually works for spreading kindness and smiles, but if it does, it rocks.

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