Barcelona & me

I think I would like to spend a year in Barcelona, just to get a feeling for it and see if it’s the right city for me. Right now it seems to offer everything that I look for in a city. A culturally packed place with beautiful architecture & really nice restaurants. Happy, fun-loving, relaxed people, shopping, sunny weather, great nightlife, amazing artist venues to explore.. and a beach! What’s more to ask for? Well.. a job?

I got the feeling that Barca is like a mini version of Rio de Janeiro. And remember when I said that I would gladly move to Rio if they just spoke spanish? Well, in Barca I could happily practice my beloved spanish. So.. why not? Well, I guess the current economic situation in Spain isn’t very intiving, I could imagine living there for a while to learn more spanish and maybe work somewhere, but a well-paid “real” job in Barca? Nah.. 

But who knows. Money might mean freedom and let me move around the world whenever I want to, but if I need to stay here to make it I don’t know if it’s worth it.. this place seriously has autumn all year around.

Aah.. come on now Sweden, give me some sun!

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