Tell me about your mother.

Today I got a big box of gadgets.. and as usual, I’m the happiest kid in town!

This will be my new little adventure partner that I will use for recording my interviews in Israel. I added some extra RAM to my netbook.. and I got the 50mm 1:8 lens for my Canon.. just look how sharp the picture is! I love it. This is way better than christmas!! haha


  1. OK. Yes. The picture looks really neat taken with your lens and your voice recorder nice and modern. Goodbye to the classical tape recorders.

  2. In my first comment I never intended to reflect how women think or behave. I just made the whole story up, pretending to be and to do something else for the purpose of being funny.
    How most women feel about pregnancy I can’t tell.
    But I can tell women are wonderful and that I like your gadgets. I hope that you make the best of them in Israel.
    Sorry for me trying to be funny in a way that can lead to confusion or disliked by some. :-)

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