Photoshop cheating

People sometimes say that using photoshop is cheating. I would say not using photoshop is like writing a book without re-reading and editing it. You simply cannot get everything the way you want straight out of camera, especially not if you’re shooting with a digital compact.

On this particular shot, however, except from just editing levels, contrast and noise.. the taxi was bothering me so much I had to make it dissapear.. it was ruining the whole mysterious feeling around the scene! And yes.. I would say deleting a taxi from a picture could be considered cheating. But I don’t care, it bothered me, it’s my picture, period.

Want to compare shots? Here they are, the original one as taken with my compact Canon IXUS 980is, compared to the processed one :)

Now all of you just pointing and shooting, if you have a touch of nerdyness inside.. get photoshop and start exploring the possibilities!

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