1. Still surprises me that so many people go to la Champagneria. They have the typical español jamón, jamón hanging from the ceiling, the bottle of cava (champagne) and the bocadillos are cheap. But it is always so super crowded, the place doesn’t look chic or smart at all, just working-class average Spanish and if it hasn’t changed this bar hasn’t got outside any banner saying: “Champagneria” or saying anything at all. Though I understand that it may be attractive for tourists if you don’t mind the sweat of the one person that is just beside you.
    Of course I’m not saying that you had bad taste choosing this place. But if you have been living most of your life in Barcelona there’s only two things of this bar that can be attractive to you: the cheap prices and the foreign people you may meet there.
    AS LONG AS YOU ENJOYED IT AND YOU LIKED IT I FEEL HAPPY TOO. And if after drinking the bottle of champage that gave you energy and powers to keep vertical the Bicing bike against the fence the experience was great I would daresay. :-)
    Again, this is not a criticism comment of where you decided to go but just my point of view of the place.

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t make comments here to make negative criticism or to get relief from my frustrating life. You probably have noticed that :-)

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