Doing a complete restore of the iPhone right now.. think I finally got it working.

The thing I hate the most about fancy-schmancy high-tech phones? They break down on you if you use them too much, they die, they wont boot, they just betray you and leave you standing alone in the rain right when you started trusting them and became addicted.

Back in the days phones wouldn’t do that, they would maybe let you down when you thought you had some batteryjuice left but actually you didn’t, but even then, you could grab the battery, rub it between your hands and send another sms..

But, truth is.. you didn’t have the ability to check your email 50times a day or keep an eye on your facebook or check the cheapest flights to Barcelona or even send your mom a picture of those shoes you consider buying for New Year’s..

So, yes, the iPhone did die on me.. and I did have to do it all over again from the beginning.. however, I realized it’s a whole lot of fun and learnt a lot of stuff that I had missed when getting an iPhone that was already fixed in all kinds of ways. This time I get to do it my way.. wohoo!

I will regret this post after hours of installing apps and realizing that there’s still something missing. Gah.. :(

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