My chinese guard

When people google my name, my page pops up as the first result, at least in most parts of Europe, China and South America. Don’t know about the states or the rest of the world.. and yes, I’ve googled my own name to see what pops up, what’s wrong with that? haha

So, when people enter, the first thing they do is clicking “photography”, because people love pictures, right? However, they don’t find sassy pictures of me and my partying friends there, oh-no.. it’s my boring amateur efforts to get that perfect shot and capture beauty and contrasts and blaha blaha.. so they continue searching, and they go for the blog.. cause, you know blogs right.. people write what they eat for breakfeast, get free shampoo and take pictures of their outfit of the day. Frankly, I’m impressed by girls managing to make a living out of just writing about their every-day life, getting free stuff sent home to them for reviewing in the blog and having tons of fans copying their style and being invited to parties with goodiebags.. it sounds fun and easy.. but I couldn’t do that. I’m too serious and way too boring for people to follow.

So, when people click to get to the blog, there’s a picture of a chinese man sitting on the ground, listening to music in the Kun Ming park – it’s one of my favourites, and I’ve put it there on purpose. Because what happens is that I manage to sort out some people right there, at my chinese guard. It’s so funny! They simply don’t get that they can click the guy to get to my very oh-so private blog.. haha I did this to see if people actually would get stuck there, and they do..! Continuing to the other pages and then leaving. And why would I do that? Somehow I believe that people that are less skilled with computers and google my name shouldn’t read what I’m doing (or not doing when procrastinating – like now) I don’t know why, it’s like a female intuition thing, and I think I might be right..

I don’t share much privacy in here, I don’t write much at all when I’m not travelling, but still.. I don’t want some people to read stuff just like that. The statistics page is quite fun, my favourite is the map that shows which countries I’ve had visitors from.

This screenshot is from July until December this year:


And that’s why I write in english by the way.

Okay, I’m almost ending this post now which would mean that I have to continue writing my school thing.. :(

Well, I guess I have to deal with it SOME day.. tonight that is.

Take care :)


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  1. You’ve got followers almost all over the world and very specially in Europe. Congrats! That is why Google in part has granted Page Rank 2 to your blog months ago and when you google your name shows up in the first position. You with the help of Google Analytics for WordPress and viceversa, etc. do a good job tracking your visitors and the pages they visit. Besides the more you update your blog the better position you will get in Google, the more comments people like me make on your blog thus making your site more interactive and the more time they spend on your site (Shyt.me is already a good interactive idea), the more credits you get for Google to grant your blog a higher page rank, better visibility and position of your blog in Google in other parts of the world too.

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